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FAQ 리스트

리스트 상세

  • Global Seed Grant How can I verify the contents of my submitted application? Can I revise it?

    Please check the ‘Application Status’ at MyPage after submitting your application. You can review it by MyPage before deadline.

  • Global Seed Grant How does the selection process work?

    Apply → Application review by Committee → Signing agreement → Grant payment
    ※ Shortlisted groups may be asked to upload their project idea presentation via SNS.

  • Global Seed Grant What is considered for screening?

    Grant approval is based on an evaluation of the significance of a project, its purpose, feasibility of the plan, and its potential benefit to the community.

  • Global Seed Grant How can I check the result?

    Grant recipients will be notified in 13 April via our website. Selected grantees will be notified individually.

  • Global Seed Grant Is feedback available for a declined application?

    Regrettably, given the large number of applications, the Foundation is unable to provide each applicant with specific feedback.

  • Global Seed Grant If my organization applies, and is declined, will that hurt its chances of receiving funds in the future?

    No. If your organization is declined, you may apply again and again. There’s no disadvantage for next application.

  • Global Seed Grant What is the next step if my application is awarded a Foundation grant?

    We will ask all grant recipients to send us some documents including bank account information. Then grant monies will be deposited in your account and you will be able to draw on those funds as you need to complete your project.

  • Global Seed Grant What should we do for report?

    We ask all grant recipients to keep us informed about when your project takes place and to complete and submit a brief Grant Report after you have finished. We will inform you in detail later.

  • Global Seed Grant Do I need to save and submit receipts for project?

    Yes, all receipts are required. You should submit the copy of receipts with your budget report after you complete the project.

  • Global Seed Grant What if I have some problems or fail to complete the project?

    If you find that the proposed project must be altered in any way, please contact us as it may be possible to modify it. You are not permitted, however, to make major alterations in your project without prior authorization from the Foundation. If you are unable to complete the project, please let us know – in writing – as soon as possible and all monies will be reimbursed to the Foundation.

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