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FAQ 리스트

리스트 상세

  • Global Seed Grant Does the grant have particular funding areas?

    Community projects that aim to find a solution to and tackle the issue in following areas OR aims to develop and enhance the capacity of groups working on the following areas:

    1) Clean air and water
    2) Promoting sustainable agriculture and food security
    3) Life on land and below water
    4) Affordable and clean energy
    5) Responsible consumption and production
    6) Sustainable habitats and communities
    7) Climate adaptation and action
    8) Environmental education and environmental justice
    9) Industrial safety and occupational health

  • Global Seed Grant What types of projects are funded?

    Whatever. The project can take any form of campaigns, workshops, training program, content, production, etc.

  • Global Seed Grant Who is eligible to receive grants?

    1) Grassroots groups registered with the governments of countries in the OECD DAC (Development Assistance Committee) list of ODA Recipients on 2021
    2) Groups that consist 5 or more people
    (Needs to submit a letter of recommendation from a group that is officially registered from its government)

  • Global Seed Grant Does the Grant fund only local organizations or people?

    Typically yes. Only citizens themselves or grassroots organizations from OECD ODA recipient countries can apply. Overseas branches of organization from non-recipient country and INGOs are not applicable.

  • Global Seed Grant Can my team or organization apply for two different projects in the same grant cycle simultaneously?

    Yes. more than one projects may be applied. You have to submit both applications and they are screened separately.

  • Global Seed Grant What is the typical grant amount?

    Max 3,000 USD per team. The size of a grant depends on the budgetary needs of project.

  • Global Seed Grant My group’s project is funded now by others. Can we apply Global Seed Grant for the same project?

    Yes, you can apply but the funded budget should be completely different. It means that it cannot be funded for the same item.

  • Global Seed Grant What are the documents to submit?

    ① Application (Project Proposal, Budget, Consent to Collection and Use of Personal Information)
    ② An official document that proves registration with the government (e.g. Business registration card/ Group registration card) or A letter of recommendation for that are in 2) of eligibility
    ※ Application form download : https://koreashe.org/board/idea-latest/
    ※ If you are the 2020 Grantee, you don't need to submit document ② but only ①

  • Global Seed Grant How can I apply? Do I need to register with Korea SHE Foundation website?

    Yes, you need a Korea SHE Foundation website account. Fill out the application and submit via our website. Sign up for a website membership is recommended with Facebook ID via Google Chrome.

  • Global Seed Grant May I submit additional documents to prove our activities?

    Typically no. Please put into the enough information in the application form.
    ※If it is needed, we will ask you to add more documents with your application later.

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