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[Rural Organization for Social Education and Development] Six Greener villages and schools, reaching 10000 people & 2000 ch

2021-07-26 09:50

Village level meetings were organized and conducted among women and women farmers in target villages of Thandalaiputhur, Thandalai, Velakkanatham, Thiruthaliyur, Melakottam, Thuruthiyamalai, and Ponganipatt of Musiri Taluk. Women group leaders, members, and the farmers from these villages turned out and benefitted thru these villages level orientations on environment, ecosystem conservation, tree promotion, protection and conservation importance etc. These meetings were held from 29/06/2021 to 23/ 07/2021. Our 7 staff members’ team were the facilitators of these orientations.COVID 19 restrictions and safety guidelines were observed during the meetings.

Under the KSHE foundation project , ROSED team has begun the project activities and amidst CORONA pandemic and restrictions imposed thereupon, we were able to hold the village level meetings with the women groups so far in the target 6 villages.  These meetings focused on orienting the women group members, about the project, its needs, relevance, details and their participation to make the project a success and sustainable one

  • Training to 20 women group members in raising the common nursery
  • Nursery formation by women group volunteers
  • Growing the 5000 trees in the nursery for distribution to all 6 target villages
  • Distribution of tree saplings to all 6 villages to women groups, schools, farmers in the villages
  • School level orientation to school children on ecosystem, conservation, bio diversity and their role in promoting this project and make the project into a successful and sustainable one.
  • IEC materials distribution to all families in 6 villages
  • Formation of tree promoters clubs in 6 villages


Here in our target villages the threatening Second wave is at the receding stage, as the number of positive cases, death rates are coming down drastically, however there are signs of threats of third wave, nobody knows, if everything is okay, we will carry out the works as planned intensively, if any restrictions imposed, then the activities will be slowed upon or postponed and we have to wait for the situation to improve to speed up the project activities

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